Good Hearts & Strong Backs

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Nate, me, and Beau (now you see why they were a HUGE help)My family and I have been moving to Arizona for the last year and a half.

Yes, I know that sounds strange, but with the housing market doing a face plant, our plans have changed quite a bit. We moved into a rental and didn’t unpack our stuff because we expected that we’d be moving soon. (That meant using paper plates and plastic utensils for 18 months!)

At last, our time came.

We bought a house and this last weekend we FINALLY moved! On Friday evening I was feeling a little bit anxious because some of the family and friends that were going to help us on Saturday were suddenly unavailable (Yes, I know it sounds fishy, but they had legitimate reasons. We still love them anyway.) So, I reached out to some friends at work. I called Dave Lee, our VP of Marketing and my boss, and I called Garrett Miles, our Director of Sales.

Dave was ready in a heartbeat. Garret’s story was a little bit different. His first response was, “Oh man, we were going to go coyote hunting in the morning –” and almost as quickly, “Forget it… I’ll call the guys right now… we’ll be there.” I wasn’t quite sure who “the guys” were, but I assumed that he’d call some of the sales team.

Nate, me, and Beau (now you see why they were a HUGE help)
Nate, me, and Beau (now you see why they were a HUGE help)

Early Saturday morning, Dave, Garrett, and “the guys” showed up ready and willing to work. After a couple of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, we went to work. Nate came over, he’s a little over seven feet tall and Beau showed up, he’s a grizzly bear. In a matter of moments, a bunch of others showed up, too. It turns out that Garrett isn’t so handy with a hammer or a screwdriver, but he’s amazing at rallying the troops. Anyway, these guys showed up and performed miracles. They hauled our heavy stuff all while laughing and having a great time despite the fact that they had to cancel their coyote hunt.

The best moment came when we realized that a corner piece of our brand new couch wasn’t going to fit through the door. My wife was almost in tears as we carefully, but firmly tried to shove it through though the door. After a few tries, we agreed it wasn’t going to slide through easily, I looked at her and said, “This thing isn’t going to end up in the house unless we shove it, and it might tear the back of the couch.” She was NOT happy about that part, but agreed to give it a try. So, I told Beau to put his broad shoulders to work and bust it through. The couch didn’t move much, but we heard the splintering sound of wood starting to crack.

We stopped for a moment. Beau suggested we unhinge the door. The same iron door with a huge slab of glass in it, which I’m pretty sure that it weighs more that all of us put together. Nevertheless, Beau assured me everything would be OK. All I could imagine was this huge iron door crashing down onto our newly laid tile and busting the flooring, the walls, the glass, everything. I put my trust in Beau and we did it. That guy is an absolute ANIMAL! The door came off, the couch went in, the door went back on and my wife was SOOO relieved.

Later, we had to take both doors off our refrigerator and the day got better and better.

The bottom line is this: Infusionsoft employees, are AWESOME! I seriously can’t believe how quickly “the guys” dropped their plans to go hunting only to come help a guy move. I’m in awe of what the leadership of this company has built and I’m in awe of each of the individual people who work here.

If anyone wants to learn how to build an amazing culture in an organization, we’re the place to start looking.

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