Our FREE Infusionsoft Tool Shows You Which of Your Marketing Strategies are Bringing in the Cash…And Which Ones Aren’t

Dear Infusionsoft User,

I’m curious…how brave would you say you are? Now, I ask that question because in a minute I am going to challenge you to do something absolutely terrifying. Before I get there, let me ask you two more questions:

How would you feel if you spent years marketing and advertising your business and suddenly discovered that most of your marketing budget was wasted?

What would you do if you had evidence showing you exactly where and how to market your business to achieve the greatest results?

7 years ago, when I was the marketing director at Infusionsoft, I created a tool to help the marketing team see REAL numbers. Once this tool was in place (and now it’s super easy to set up), we had real time data showing us:

  • Which of our strategies were raking in the cash
  • Where we were wasting our marketing dollars
  • The untapped marketing and advertising gold mines
  • All those magical numbers every company should know (cost per lead, cost per customer, etc.)
  • And much more!

Once I had the data, we were able to increase our leads from 300 a month to over 25,000 a month! Our sales guys were struggling to keep up. We were reaching record sales numbers. That’s when I knew we were really on to something and I released our tool to the entire Infusionsoft community.

Yes, I need this SUPER tool!

In 2009, Dan Bradbury, Infusionsoft’s Ultimate Marketer, shared how he used this this same tool to decrease his Google AdWords spend from $25,000 per month to $12,000 per month while tripling his sales.

And he’s not the only one. I’ve worked with dozens of Infusionsoft customers who have stopped making serious mistakes and started capitalizing on some great opportunities because of the information this tool provided.

Is it too good to be true? Sometimes it seems that way. I tell a lot of people about ROI Tracker and 9 times out of 10 they say, “You can do that with Infusionsoft?” With ROI Tracker, absolutely you can! Infusionsoft is amazing ROI Tracker is just one more of those things that will blow your mind and make your marketing efforts easier and more effective.

Here’s what Ian Jenkins (Marketing Manager at Systemic Formulas had to say, “This is exactly what I have been looking for. With the growing pains of a 10 million dollar company this information is crucial!”

The insight ROI Tracker gives you is invaluable.

What makes ROI Tracker so powerful? Simply put…it calculates the cold, hard numbers. And numbers don’t lie.

  • If your Facebook ads are eating up your marketing budget – you’ll know it.
  • If that direct mail piece you reluctantly sent out actually produced a substantial number of leads – ROI Tracker will tell you.
  • If the demo you spent $5,000 to create is bringing in less leads than the 2 page free report you just threw together – you’ll find out.

This is all stuff your money/your numbers have been telling you. And once you have ROI Tracker in place, you’ll finally be able to act with clarity.

Yes, I need this SUPER tool!

Now, let’s talk about the challenge I mentioned earlier. You see, I am still giving ROI Tracker away to Infusionsoft Users. And those who use it are making strong, informed decisions in their businesses (often for the very first time). But setting up ROI Tracker can be a little bit scary. Because it’s so honest. You may start using it and discover that you have blown thousands of dollars on marketing strategies that weren’t bringing you results.

That’s why instead of just giving you this tool, I am “challenging” you to set it up. It takes guts. None of us want to know how much money has been wasted. But the rewards of ROI Tracker are amazing.

Imagine how you’ll feel:

  • Safely spending money on advertising, knowing where you’ll see the greatest returns
  • Designing/redesigning your website to include opt-ins that bring in more leads
  • Finding “hotspots” where your prospects are likely to be and putting more marketing dollars there
  • Knowing the money you spend on marketing is always bringing in a positive ROI

If more profits is your goal, then it’s time to zero in on what’s making you money…and what’s not. That is why ROI Tracker is a must for anyone using Infusionsoft to grow their businesses.
And, as I’ve already mentioned, it’s completely free. I’ve definitely updated it since creating it in 2008. What you’ll receive is an updated version, step-by-step instructions for how to install it, and occasional tips from me on how to use it more profitably.

All I need is your first name and email and ROI Tracker will be sent to you right away.

Yes, I need this SUPER tool!

Realistically, I know you’re busy. But you can get it set up in minutes. However, if you wait to get ROI Tracker, not only are you missing out on some great opportunities, but you’ll have to contact me later when you decide you need it. Better to get it now and get that bank account growing faster.

I personally guarantee that if you put this in place you’ll have more insight into your marketing efforts than you’ve ever had before.

To your success,

Tyler Garns
Box Out Marketing

We call it the ROI Tracker, because once it’s in place, you’ll:

  • Know which of your strategies is really making you money
  • Realize which strategies are actually hurting your bottom line
  • Discover untapped marketing and advertising gold mines
  • Get an instant view of those magical numbers we all wish we knew (cost per lead, cost per customer, etc.)

And the best part is…it’s absolutely FREE!

  • Your privacy is 100% guaranteed. Your information will never be shared.

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