How To Send SMS Messages With Infusionsoft

If you’ve ever driven along a highway with billboards, you most likely have seen the infamous messaging, “Text _____ to 123-3333 to learn more”. Opting in for a product/service or more information through text is convenient, quick, and oftentimes less frustrating for a customer than going through the tedious processes online. For most people, texts …

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Your Subscription Might Be Illegal in California

On the 1st of July 2018 a new law went into effect in the state of California (Senate Bill 313) that could affect any business selling subscriptions to customers who live in California. The law was designed to protect California consumers from auto-bill situations they weren’t aware of. Without going into too much of the …

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Lead Source Tracking With Infusionsoft – The Why And How

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about tracking lead sources with Infusionsoft. During this webinar I go through, in detail, why you absolutely need to be doing this if you are spending any money on advertising, marketing, JV’s, or affiliates. The information available to you in advertising platforms (Google Adwords, Facebook, etc.) is not …

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New Infusionsoft Campaign Builder Reporting

Good new! I posted a few days ago about Infusionsoft's new Campaign Builder Reporting, and that it was coming soon.   It's now here! Infusionsoft has just released new reporting in the Campaign Builder that provides much more flexibility, more data, and more ability to analyze the data in meaningful ways. Here's a video to explain …

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