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Take 19 minutes today to change your business life.

Recently I had a discussion with Lindsey Ardmore on the “Business Automation Secrets Podcast” that will upgrade your thinking and give you the tools to success in your business.

Here’s what we get into:

  • Calling your shot – how to set and achieve crazy goals
  • Imposter syndrome, fear of failure, and other things that hold you back
  • The CEO’s real role when it comes to Marketing
  • Finally get results from your marketing – stop screwing around and take control

Obviously these 19 minutes won’t magically change everything for, but if you take the real lessons from what we talk about and actually work on them, it’ll be huge.

So, listen here.


P.S. Lindsey is one of the co-authors of our new book “Uncommon Results: Secrets & Strategies of High Performance Entrepreneurs“. You can still get it for only $0.99 on Amazon and Apple Books. Get it here for more of what you hear on the podcast.

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I recently teamed up with some amazing entrepreneurs and we wrote a KILLER book about growing small businesses.

If you’re a business owner, and you want to know exactly how to beat the odds and create “Uncommon Results”, this book is for you.

It’s available on iBooks and Amazon Kindle right now for pre-order.  Grab your copy today for only $0.99!

We’ve also put together some killer bonuses.  Don’t forget to get your bonuses by clicking the orange button!

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It’s easy to blame you agency, consultant, or employee when you don’t get the results you’re looking for.
But, if you’re ready to get real results, it’s time to realize that YOU need to become a true Marketing leader. 🤦
If you’re a business owner who has continued to struggle to get consistent results from your marketing, it’s time you become the leader your company needs.
💪 Remember: Your business will never grow beyond your ability to lead (and that is especially true with your marketing).
Marketing Strategy School is designed just for you. And it’s open for enrollment with early-bird pricing for just a few more days.

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Marketing “automation” shouldn’t feel automated.  One of the ways that you can ensure that it doesn’t feel automated is by having a “fast track” and a “slow track”.  Watch the interview below (starting at about 5 minutes in) for a better explanation.

Once you’ve watched that video, register for my 3-day “10X Your Business Challenge” that starts next week.  I’ll be diving into these types of things a LOT deeper to help you identify the huge opportunities that are available to grow your company in 2022.

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If you’re ready to massively grow your business in 2022, join our 10X Your Business Challenge here.

The live sessions will be Monday, January 24th through Wednesday, January 26th from 2:00pm – 3:30pm Pacific time.

Here’s the deal…

…if you’ve ever struggled with marketing & sales to grow your company, this 10X Your Business Challenge will open your eyes to the opportunities all around you.

There’s never been a better time to own a business.  But, there’s also never been a more chaotic, confusing, and crazy time to own a business.

So, the 10X Your Business Challenge is designed to help you see clearly through all the mud and find the big opportunities that will propel your business forward.

Check it out and join today.

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Below you will find the best Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for Keap users and small business owners all gathered in one place.  Enjoy!

Check back often.  We’re adding deals every few hours this week!

50% off LearnDash Plans

LearnDash is our favorite WordPress plugin for creating and selling online courses. Ultra-flexible and ultra-easy to use. Check it out here.

25-35% off VideoAsk

VideoAsk is one of my new favorite tools. Send & receive personal video replies. Connect to your CRM via Zapier. Get started with a free account here.

PlusThis - 50% Off

Get your first month free and 50% off the next 3 months when you sign up for a new PlusThis account. PlusThis is the #1 campaign toolkit for marketing automation users.

Branding & Website Design

Save $500 when you sign up for Katie & Co's branding & website design package. Katie is who we us at Box Out for all our design needs. Tell Katie that Tyler sent you.

Save 40-50% on Memberium

40% off any new annual membership (existing monthly customers - just email Or, save 50% on a 5-year plan! Memberium is Box Out's favorite membership site tool.

Red Beard Accelerator

Use promo code "Tyler" to save 25% and learn how to deploy the right systems in your business.

Impactful Opt-In Course

Save 80% !!!! Learn how to create a lead magnet and then exactly how to deliver that lead magnet to your audience so that you can close more leads, faster. Only $39!

Monkeypod OG Membership

This is the best Keap-focused community out there. Join to learn how to leverage your Keap account more powerfully. No special deals this year, but always worth it.

CustomerHub Savings

Publish your online course or membership in 30 minutes or less using this powerful and easy platform. Save 50% on your first 3 months and 50% on migration services

Diggi Website Design Package

Save 40% on a website designed by marketers that know how to get results, not just make something pretty.

Facebook Ads Consulting

Save $500 on a Facebook Ads consulting package with Slingshot Media founder, Eric Saar. Eric is a foremost expert on running Facebook Ad campaigns that get results.

Save 50% on A Mastermind

Save 50% on this annual mastermind designed to help you get your technology, your strategy, and your copy right.

30% Off AudienceFire

Save 30% on any annual plan to capture more webinar registrations through optimized registration forms for EverWebinar, WebinarJam, Demio, and Zoom.

Save 50% On A Tech Tune-Up

Save 50% on this four week tune up service from Get Illuminated.

Goal Setting Workshop

Save 75% on this 3 hour goal planning workshop. Want to level up your business and make more impact in 2022? Kick-off the New Year with a strategic plan for your business + your life!

Customer Directory Or Marketplace

40% off a WordPress based directory or marketplace from KEAP contacts. Showcase service providers, students, partners, coaches, trainers, and so much more. Promo code: boxout

Profit Planning Party - $19

During the LIVE party we will show you our method to choosing your profitable path for 2022 without adding anything more to your to-do list (actually removing things!)

Custom Website Buildout

67% off custom website build out (only $297!) and 3 months of free hosting from BrandSites - offer goes live on Wednesday.

Elite Ignition - $29 To Start

Grow your business past 7-figures and finally conquer the chaos that's holding you back. Use promo code: BeElite


Connect SHopify To Keap

60 day free trail for trials that start between Nov 26th and Nov 29th (normally 14 days).

Save 66% on This Virtual Summit

32 world-class experts sharing their expertise to equip and inspire you to grow and scale your business.

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There are a million books are marketing out there.  Some of them are great, some aren’t.  Here are my top 11 picks for marketing books that every small business owner should read.

What you’ll notice here is that although some of these books get into the tactical a bit, the reason every business owner should read these books is to inspire their mind with IDEAS.

The more you can explore creative ideas for how to get your product in front of your target audience, the more you’ll find success.

So, here you go.  The top 11 marketing books for small business:


This book isn't actually intended to be a "marketing book". It's focused on why certain things catch on and why others don't. But understanding that is key to the psychology of marketing. Tons of great ideas in this book.

The Ultimate Marketing Plan

This book is a classic. Dan Kennedy is an absolute legend in the marketing world. If you haven't yet established the basic foundation of your marketing which consists of defining your market, clarifying your message, and using the right media to get in front of your market, this is where to start.

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

Al Ries and Jack Trout are the only authors that are listed twice in my top 11 list. These guys get it and they break it down into small, easily understandable "laws". This book should be required reading for all small business owners.


Joe Sugarman is one of the most influential marketers of recent decades. In his book "Triggers", he shares 30 secrets to influencing and persuading your audience. He's used those successfully in massive ad campaigns, including the BluBlocker Sunglasses campaigns that have sold over 20 million pairs.

Guerrilla Marketing

This book is chock-full of fun and interesting ways to market your products or services on a shoe-string budget. In fact, many of the ideas in this book don't cost anything at all, but they get the job done. Every business owner should read this book once per year to keap from getting sucked into dumping money into ineffective advertising platforms.

Outrageous Advertising That's Outrageously Successful

Bill Glazer partnered with Dan Kenney (listed above) for many years and has established himself as an advertising icon. A big part of marketing (especially now) is just getting attention. Bill's ideas are outrageous, but effective.


Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula has become the gold standard for launching new products or services online. He's got it down to a science and he teaches the details in this book. Even if you don't think your business works on a "launch model", it's worth reading this book. You may discover creative ways to use launches in your business afterall.

Tested Advertising Methods

This book is full of a bunch of extremely successful ads from a bygone era. Yes, it's outdated. You're probably not looking at sending mail order ads or advertising in your local newspaper. But, read this book to be inspired by the clever copywriting, learn how to write good hooks, and better understand the psychology behind good messaging.

Invisible Selling Machine

Ryan Deiss understands follow up marketing better than just about anyone. This book will introduce you to the world of automated follow up in a clear and concise way. Much of the language used today by most internet marketers when discussing how their automated funnels work is derived from this book.

Building A StoryBrand

Messaging and Positioning can get really complex. Donald Miller cuts through all that to provide a simple and easy-to-follow framework for creating a powerful story to build your brand. This book has been game-changing for those who have followed his framework and implemented it.

Positioning: The Battle For Your Mind

Positioning is one of the most important concepts to understand. Al Ries and Jack Trout nail it in this book. No where else will you find such simple and powerful instructions for how to dominate in the battle for your customers' minds.

Top 11 Marketing Books For Small Business

  1. Contagious, by Jonah Berger
  2. The Ultimate Marketing Plan, by Dan Kennedy
  3. The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, by Al Ries and Jack Trout
  4. Triggers, by Joe Sugarman
  5. Guerrilla Marketing, by Jay Conrad Levinson
  6. Outrageous Advertising That’s Outrageously Successful, by Bill Glazer
  7. Launch, by Jeff Walker
  8. Tested Advertising Methods, by John Caples
  9. Invisible Selling Machine, by Ryan Deiss
  10. Building A StoryBrand, by Donald Miller
  11. Positioning: The Battle For Your Mind, by Al Ries and Jack Trout 

I’d love to hear what books you think are the best marketing books out there.  Comment below and let me know what you think about my list and add to it.  

Infusionsoft Checkout Pages

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This post is a follow up to my previous post about the 5 Features Infusionsoft Added That You May Have Missed.

Keap has recently launched a new feature in Infusionsoft: Checkout Pages.  Infusion Checkout Pages are a new “order form” option built on the landing page builder technology you’ve seen in the Campaign Builder.  It’s a great start to providing a simple, easy-to-use, drag-and-drop, mobile responsive checkout experience for your customers.

But, the new Infusion Checkout Pages feature has some limitations.  Please take a moment and comment below to share your desires for features to be added to Checkout Pages in the future.  Keap has dedicated a new product manager over Checkout Pages and the Landing Page Builder.  This is good news because it tells us they recognize the importance of these products and they’re dedicating development resources to them.  So, share your ideas below and I’ll make sure they get to the product team.

Here’s a video showing some of the features and limitations of Infusionsoft’s new Checkout Pages:

Alternatives To Checkout Pages:

If the limitations listed below prevent you from using Checkout Pages, here are some great alternatives:

  • Primarily we recommend Spiffy It’s used with Infusionsoft’s native Order Forms and creates a great experience for users and allows for advanced features like One-Click Upsells.
  • Other options for adding one-click upsells to your Infusionsoft Order Forms are PlusThis and Fix Your Funnel.

What’s Great About Checkout Pages:

  • Super easy to create a nice checkout experience
  • Drag-and-drop interface (same as Landing Page Builder)
  • Mobile responsive
  • Checkout experience reduces friction in the checkout process

What’s Lacking In Checkout Pages:

  • Affiliate tracking
  • Lead source tracking
  • Promo codes
  • Promotions in general
  • Ability to customize the payment page
  • Support for subscription products
  • Tax calculations
  • Ability to pay with PayPal

What features would you like to see in the Landing Page Builder and Checkout Pages?  Comment below.

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I wrote a follow-up post to this topic and added some clarification about Infusionsoft Checkout Pages Features and Limitations here.

The folks over at Keap have been hard at work adding features we’ve been asking for for a LONG time.  Here are just a few that they’ve added to your account in the last couple months.  It’s been so smooth you may not have even noticed.

  • Email Sync With Gmail and Outlook

    Now, with just a couple quick clicks, all your communications with your prospects and customers will be synced to their contact records in Infusionsoft.  It’s a beautiful thing.

  • Subscriptions In Interactive View

    When viewing contacts in Interactive View, you can now see subscriptions the customer may have and you can add a new subscription on the fly.

  • Configurable Purchase Goals

    When adding a Purchase Goal to a campaign, now you can just double-click to configure which payment types will achieve the goal.  Any custom payment type you add will also be available as an option to trigger your purchase goals.

  • Quick Access To Queued Contacts

    When you have a campaign in Reporting mode, you will now see an orange icon when you hover over a sequence.  By clicking that orange icon, you’ll be taken straight to a list of queued contacts in that sequence.

  • Checkout Pages – Easy To Design & Mobile Responsive

    There’s no longer any need to signup for a separate service just for easy-to-build, drag-and-drop, mobile responsive order forms.  Infusionsoft now has Checkout Pages.  Using the same drag-and-drop technology as the new landing page builder, Checkout pages make it drop-dead simple to create an beautiful, mobile responsive ordering experience for your customers.

Stay tuned for more.  I know the product team at Keap is working hard to bring ease-of-use and more features to Infusionsoft each month.

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