How To Build A Quiz Funnel With Infusionsoft

Quizzes can be GREAT lead magnets.

When done correctly, they’re engaging, enticing, and intriguing.

Your site visitors can’t resist filling them out and getting their answer.

So, how can you quickly and easily build a quiz funnel with Infusionsoft?

Enter Thrive Quiz Builder.  Watch the video below to see how quick and easy creating a quiz funnel can be.

7 thoughts on “How To Build A Quiz Funnel With Infusionsoft”

  1. Sweet hack on using the HTML integration to pass the quiz score. Was trying to figure out a way to do using the API integration. Didn’t even think…. Thanks, Tyler!

  2. Michael Staskiewicz

    great video. Thanks Tyler! quick question, obviously I see that the campaign will follow up with the email sequence, but what would be the thank you/confirmation page after they enter in their name and email? in other words, would that be built in Thrive or in Infusionsoft?

    1. Good question Michael. The thank you page is controlled by Infusionsoft. So, create the page in your WordPress, and then set that as the thank you page in your Infusionsoft web form setup.

  3. I’d like to use this for many purposes. One would be to separate my audience according to certain answers. So I’d rather segment based on single answers to certain questions, rather than based on a complex scoring system. The KISS approach.

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