Building funnels & automation takes time. But now there’s no need to worry about that. Let our team do all the building for you. Submit as many requests as you’d like each month to get your automated systems and funnels built. We’ll build the campaigns and any associated landing pages. You just insert your copy and you’re good to go!

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day turnaround

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A dedicated strategic coach

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How it works

Login to the membership site

Follow our wizard to help define the details of the campaign you need

Submit your campaign request

Within 2-3 business days for most campaigns (or 3-5 business days for more extensive campaigns) our team will send you an email letting you know your campaign is ready for review

Once you review your campaign, you can either submit
revision requests or let us know the campaign is complete

Once your campaign is completed, you can submit another request

Submit as many requests as you’d like each month

What's included

What's not included


With The Factory, you get unlimited Infusionsoft implementation requests. This means you can submit as many implementation requests as you’d like with unlimited revisions. You may have one active request in process at a time, the others will be queued and started in your order of preferences when the currently active request is completed and closed.

Infusionsoft implementation includes anything done within an Infusionsoft account. This includes but is not limited to; campaign buildout, dashboard reporting, referral partner setup, etc.

The Factory can replace just about any Infusionsoft related function that a Virtual Assistant is fulfilling. If your VA is useful in other areas, keep them around. If they’re just focusing on your Infusionsoft or Keap account, chances are The Factory can do the job.
This depends on the type of work that needs to be done. It’s very common for 3-5 full campaigns to be built and launched in one month. Smaller requests will allow more to be finished in a month’s time, while larger requests will take longer.
All service requests are submitted through our unique client portal. After becoming a Factory client, you’ll receive login credentials to this portal where you can access training, tools, and resources as well as where you will submit all service requests.

No worries at all! For a limited time, new Factory clients will have a 1-2 hour call with a coach who will help them develop their details M.A.P. (Marketing Automation Plan). You’ll be guided in designing and defining exactly which campaigns will move your business forward. Also, twice each week you can join our Open Office Calls and get live help and direction from one of our experts.

Go ahead and hit the chat button on this page and let’s talk it through. Chances are there are a lot of ongoing things that could be happening in your Infusionsoft or Keap account that could be making you more money. We can help identify those and ensure you get killer value from The Factory.

In The Factory+, you’ll have two 1-hour calls each month with a coach who will guide you in marketing strategy as well as understanding how to best leverage Infusionsoft/Keap and how to submit your requests to help you get the most done for your money.
The Factory does not include copywriting services. But, as a Factory client, we will be happy to introduce you to the copywriters we’ve used for our agency clients for years. They get it! They’ve been trained. They understand marketing automation. And more importantly, they write excellent, compelling copy.
That’s not a problem at all. For a limited time, new Factory clients will have a 1-2 hour strategy call with a coach to help you define the marketing strategies that will move your business forward. From that call, you’ll also receive a detailed list of requests you can submit to The Factory to turn your marketing plan into reality.

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Infusionsoft Highest
Customer Rentention 2016

Infusionsoft Partner
Of The Year 2017 (Domestic)

Our mission is you!

Our mission is you!


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