After You’ve Bought Traffic The Right Way

Here are 4 copywriting tactics to use once you’ve bought your traffic the right way.

Each one tactic can increase the ROI on your ad campaign investment, and each one can shorten your sales cycle by accelerating the process of building a relationship with your prospect.

  1. Know Exactly What You Want To Do With Your Traffic

If you don’t have a specific conversion goal, you won’t be able to write an irresistible call to action. Don’t just think about what page you will send traffic to for conversion… think very specifically about how you will write this page to make the strongest possible connections with your prospect’s desires.

  1. Continue To Leverage The Power Of Your Campaign Targeting

Your campaign targeting will help you identify the prospect’s desires. Take the targeting information and create a persona. This persona represents, and brings to life, the qualitative and quantitative aspects of your target. The persona helps you write to one person…

“This is Veronica. She is 51, she is married with children, she is affluent, she reads self-help books, and this time of year, she always feels extra stress because of the holidays.   She needs a way to feel…”

That’s how you start to create a persona to help you write copy that is in lockstep with the targeting of your campaign.

When you write your copy, keep going back to your campaign targeting. Put relevant, relatable information into the heart and the mind of the prospect. Write your copy so it appeals to both emotional and rational thinking. Make sure it reflects the interests, attitudes, and needs defined by your campaign targeting.

  1. Write Congruent Copy

The exact same words that describe the benefit you’re offering your prospect in your paid campaign need to show up on your landing page.

Ideally, it’s the first thing the prospect sees. When the prospect clicks and arrives in your content, the first job of your copy is to let him know he’s in the right place.

If your ad offered a lead magnet report on “7 Simple Ways To Prevent Holiday Depression,” the very first words on your landing page need to be “7 Simple Ways To Prevent Holiday Depression.”

The only time you can safely break this rule… when you have a large image of your product with these words on the landing page.

  1. Build On The Promise Made In Your Ad

Don’t lose sight of what brought the prospect to your site in the first place

It is easy to be lured off course by distractions, to start writing copy that flies off in different directions, explaining different benefits, and introducing new topics.

Resist this temptation. Stay focused.

Address whatever appeal made your prospect click on the ad. Amplify this appeal and expand it. If your appeal is a solution to a problem, don’t just describe the solution, but agitate the problem.

Just as you’ve targeted your ad, target your copy.

This is how you make sure that after you’ve bought your traffic the right way, you’re treating this traffic properly. Write copy to fulfill the promise made in your ad, to provide a continuum, and to lay the groundwork for response that will lead to a profitable, long-term relationship.

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