Paul Talbot

Paul wrote his first ad in 1979, and is one of a select group of copywriters who has worked in sales and sales management. He has been a National Director of Sales at AOL and a Senior Vice President at CBS. Paul thinks strategically and listens to his clients carefully. He is motivated by getting his clients results. Paul lives in Coronado, California with his wife Ellen. Paul’s email is Read his blog at

Advanced Lead Capture

There’s something your landing page should do to make your lead capture more effective. Something that’s usually overlooked. But first, let’s make sure you’ve locked in the landing page basics… A headline that’s congruent with whatever message brought the prospect to the landing page. A headline that encourages the prospect to read what comes next. …

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After You’ve Bought Traffic The Right Way

Here are 4 copywriting tactics to use once you’ve bought your traffic the right way. Each one tactic can increase the ROI on your ad campaign investment, and each one can shorten your sales cycle by accelerating the process of building a relationship with your prospect. Know Exactly What You Want To Do With Your …

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Maximize Revenue

There’s no shortage of proven ways to maximize revenue. From upsells and downsells to closeout sales and seasonal promotions, your tactical opportunities to drive revenue are infinite. But as different as these opportunities are, they share a common ingredient. The offer. Somewhere along the road, somewhere in each sequence, there will be an offer. A …

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How Copy Creates Raving Fans

There’s a short cut you should never take. Good copy can’t sell a bad product, not for long.  And good copy can’t turn a lukewarm, ambivalent customer into a delighted, enthusiastic customer. Ultimately, it’s your product and your service that creates raving fans. But copy can definitely be used to support this process.   Here are …

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The Strange Truth About Repetition

When you’re working on your emails, you might wonder, “How many times do I have to tell somebody something?” Repetition is almost magical when it’s used correctly. And there’s something very strange about repetition, something only a handful of people who write emails know. The Best Way To Start Before you can leverage the copywriting …

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Subject Lines That Don’t Do These 2 Things: Crash and Burn

It’s a no-brainer. The most important job of your email subject line is to get your email opened. But there are two other jobs. Critical jobs that many marketers don’t pay enough attention to. 1. Pay Off The Promise The subject line needs to make a promise to the reader that will be fulfilled in …

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10 Ways To Make Your Email P.S. Work Harder

Sending out an email without a P.S. is like creating a landing page without a clear call to action. You are squandering an opportunity. A wonderful opportunity to persuade your prospect to take action. If you think the P.S. is a quaint relic from the days of handwritten personal correspondence, think again. And if you …

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