Content That Gets Free Traffic

It’s all about value.  Value that’s defined by the prospect.

All you need to do to create this content is ask three questions.

  1. What does your prospect want to know?
  2. What problem does your prospect really, really want to solve?
  3. If this is a big problem that can be sliced up into a lot of smaller pieces, which aspect of the problem stands at the head of the line?

The content that gets you free traffic will start the process of solving the prospect’s problem.  It might be useful to zero in on one aspect of the problem so you can be specific, demonstrate expertise, and establish credibility.

This also lets you create a series of blogs or posts.

Your free content should be educational.  This is the foundation you’ll build it on.  But the content doesn’t have to be academic, and it definitely shouldn’t be boring.  Nobody has ever been bored into buying something.

Whatever it is your prospect wants to know, let’s say it’s how to buy real estate with no money down, you’ve got to do more than provide generalities.  Try to tell your prospect something he doesn’t know.  Give an example.  Show a before and after scenario.  Provide informative resources.  Share a case study.  Tell a story.  Give an example of a common mistake to avoid.  Profile someone who has achieved noteworthy success.

If you’re dealing with the topic of how to buy real estate with no money down, perhaps you give your prospect a checklist for seller-financed transactions.

Lists are always well-received, and lend themselves to appealing titles…

7 Little Known Ways To Buy An Apartment Building With No Money Down

You don’t have to get into the details of implementation, the nuts and bolts of “How To.”

The “How To” specifics will be what your prospect invests in when he launches a business relationship with you.  Just stay focused on the “What To Do” aspects of the education.

Bottom line… make sure there’s meat on the bone.  Be specific, and stay focused on what your prospect wants to know.

In your blogs and your posts, offer your readers the opportunity to receive even more information.  Invite them to give you their email address in exchange for a lead magnet report.

How To Package Your Lead Magnet Report

The deliverable doesn’t matter.  A video, an audio, a pdf, that’s usually not important.  The exception comes into play if you have detailed information to present, such as a chart.  Audio doesn’t lend itself well to this.

You can market your report on a blog post, a Facebook post, or a tweet. 
Drive your inquiries to a landing page where you restate the benefits of your information, and have a simple form to capture the prospect’s email address.

This is how you create content that gets free traffic.  Staying focused on what your  prospect wants to know, and delivering it with solid, useful, specific “What To Do” information.

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