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There’s no shortage of proven ways to maximize revenue. From upsells and downsells to closeout sales and seasonal promotions, your tactical opportunities to drive revenue are infinite.

But as different as these opportunities are, they share a common ingredient.

The offer. Somewhere along the road, somewhere in each sequence, there will be an offer. A proposition you make to your prospect.

Here are five ways to make sure your offer is built to create the strongest possible response.

  1. Aim the offer at the heart of the market. Do what it takes to understand every need, desire, and want the prospect has. It is easy for us to rush through this process, and to overestimate our understanding of the prospect. Retracing this ground, going back and framing your picture of the prospect in even sharper focus is always time well spent. It can help you with the ongoing process of segmentation, and creating tailored, segment-specific offers.
  2. Anticipate objections and dismantle them. Your offer shouldn’t be limited to a product description, a price, and a buy now button. It needs to crackle with excitement, boil over with benefits, and melt away every objection your prospect comes up with.
  3. Don’t give your prospect a choice. Make just one offer at a time. When prospects are confronted with choice, confusion sets in, and confused prospects tend to freeze up. Research from Marketing Sherpa reveals that landing pages with multiple offers generate 266% fewer leads than single offer pages.
  4. Create a strong offer. Avoid the temptation of brushing on a fresh coat of paint to dress up what’s tired and lame. Make sure the value is real, and recognized by the prospect. And don’t confuse value with price, because the two don’t always walk hand in hand.
  5. Strengthen your offer with reasons why. When you make the offer, you are selling, and when you’re selling, you’re asking somebody to do something. Don’t assume the prospect is already sold. In the offer itself, spell out the benefits, advantages, and differences.

Maximizing revenue is a more than a business strategy. It is the engine that drives your business. And the fuel that powers this engine is the offer.


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