Add-On of the Month: InfusionSMS

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Infusionsoft Add-On of the Month: InfusionSMSEver wanted to send text messages through Infusionsoft? What about running a membership site? Or integrating Infusionsoft with WordPress? All of these features (and many more) are now available through many of our great partners who build third-party add-ons for Infusionsoft. These add-ons will help Infusionsoft users reap even more value with best-in-class marketing automation software.

With that said, I will be featuring on approved Infusionsoft add-on monthly so you can become familiar with what they do to help Infusionsoft users.

The Infusionsoft Add-On Of The Month is InfusionSMS by ResponseFlow.  I used InfusionSMS at our InfusionCon User conference to run raffles and act as the technology behind our Ultimate Marketer contest voting — it worked like a charm.  I also have used InfusionSMS at live events to capture leads (read the story here).

Infusionsoft add-ons

The point is, you may be missing out on some of the power of Infusionsoft if you don’t at least check out the add-ons that are available.  Infusionsoft was created to help automate your communications and your workflow so you can do more with less.  The add-on applications our partners build take that automation to even more areas of your business.

Every month, we’ll feature an add-on that will make your Infusionsoft experience even more enjoyable and exciting. In the meantime, check out the powerful plugins that you can use today to really take advantage of Infusionsoft’s horsepower.

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