Add-On Of The Month: High Impact Email

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Infusionsoft users have asked for templates and now we’re giving you them. High Impact Email is an Infusionsoft add-on that we’re providing to users free of charge. With High Impact Email from TemplateZone, you’ll get access to hundreds of TemplateZone’s professionally designed templates. If you’re looking for more than the standard templates, you can upgrade to access premium templates.

Design Emails like a Pro with HTML Email Templates
We all know it’s a smart decision to build branded online newsletters and email invites, but let’s face it life’s too short to start from scratch. With one less thing to worry about, your business will run better. This is how High Impact Email and Infusionsoft helps you.

Craft your own exceptional email marketing with easy editing tools, no HTML or design experience necessary. Creating stylish emails has never been so fast and affordable.

You already know how to use High Impact Email
There are no tricky instructions to hold you down. The Photo Editor lets you edit images with ease and ensures their perfect placement in each template. Adding, removing or editing text from templates is as easy as working in Microsoft Word.

Polished emails, no matter who opens them
Every template design has been tested to display correctly across popular email clients, so you can rest assured that your masterpieces arrive in every inbox intact.

Works with Infusionsoft
This special edition of High Impact Email will allow you to send your finished templates straight to your Infusionsoft account with the click of a button.

This great add-on, in addition to our new Drag ‘n Drop Email Builder, give you all the flexibility to create and send beautiful, professional looking email without the need for a graphic designer or HTML coder.

Get  High Impact Email Now!
Accessing High Impact Email is easy. Simply log into your Infusionsoft account and click on My Account. Click on the “View Plugins” button and then choose which edition of High Impact Email you’d like. (Note: High Impact Email is a desktop application available on Windows only.)

About Tyler Garns

Tyler Garns is best known for his work as the Director and VP of Marketing at Infusionsoft, where he led the marketing efforts that produced massive results between 2007 and 2012. But he’s also been the “go-to” Infusionsoft guy for many of the top marketers and Infusionsoft users out there. His combination of technical skill, Infusionsoft expertise, and marketing experience make him one of the most reliable sources of business breakthroughs for Infusionsoft customers.

47 thoughts on “Add-On Of The Month: High Impact Email”

  1. Ahhh! This would be awesome, but what about us Mac users? Can this be built as an in-application option? For the amazing system that Infusionsoft is, the lack of features such as built-in templates is frustrating! Constant Contact, AWeber, 1ShoppingCart, and virtually every other email marketing program has dozens of built-in templates. This seems like a no-brainer to me.

    Hope to see this functionality included soon along with a host of other options!

    Tim B.

    1. Thanks for letting us know about how you feel, Tim. From the Infusionsoft for Outlook add-on and High Impact Email, I can understand how it can be a bit disconcerting if you if you’re using a Mac. I’ll let our product management team know your feedback so they can consider it for the future of the app.

      We feel that the High Impact Email helps address some of these lacking areas in the app. We’ve made it incredibly easy for business owners to build their own dead-simple and effective email templates with the Email Builder. If you haven’t used it yet, I recommend you give it shot to see how it could help you create emails blazing fast.

      It’s also a great time to acknowledge the fact that our app has had higher uptime, security and reliability than ever before. I wish we could say the same about some of those other vendors. We have cooled off some of bleeding-edge innovation in favor of polishing and refining our app and features more — more on this will be posted to the blog and it will be available for all users — stay tuned. 🙂

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment.


    2. Excellent point Tim on the templates. I experienced the same while reviewing comF5, the old VM Direct They’re also templates as a ‘bonus’ item with some $49 ‘how to a list’ marketing system. booh.

  2. Couldn’t agree more with Tim’s comments below. Isn’t it time Infusionsoft actually committed to becoming a truly platform independent solution instead of pretending to be one when in reality it’s not.

    I find it intensely irritating that this is another plug-in unavailable to Mac users. We are expected to pay the same monthly fee as Windows users – but denied the same functionality. How about a discount for Mac users in recognition of the fact that we don’t get the complete Infusionsoft experience?

    1. Thanks for commenting, Andrew. We are platform-agnostic when users use Firefox. Our developers often use Linux and our designers use OS X. Our support team uses Windows XP and our leadership team mostly uses Windows 7. This hybrid environment gives rise to our app’s usefulness and compatibility with various platforms.

      This plugin wasn’t necessarily our own creation. We helped pull off the integration and it helped introduce a quick-win for many users who wanted help creating templates. I can see how this can be frustrating, but we are continually working on polishing our app so every user experience is optimal.

      No, we won’t be introducing a discount for Mac users. All users get the complete Infusionsoft experience — marketing automation with email marketing, CRM and ecommerce. However, I can understand how this makes you feel in light of the fact we don’t have any Mac-family addons.

      Thanks for letting us know about how you feel. We’ve informed our product management team to consider it in the future. 🙂


    1. Optionally, users may upgrade to premium templates from TemplateZone. It’s my guess it’s to make it easier for that to happen. 😉

      Choose the free version of High Impact Email, follow the instructions on the screen and you’ll get to enjoy it free.


  3. I agree with the people below who are asking for Mac compatibility. We have been using Mac’s now for over 2 years and find them to be the best over-all choice for business application. It would be super nice to see Infusionsoft catch on to the fact that Macs are the future and Windows based apps are the past.

  4. I can see why the Mac users are upset, but as a PC user, I appreciate that you’ve integrated this plug in and made it available to us. – I’ll go test it out now.

  5. Was all excited and ready to download… until I read the posts.

    From a Mac Addict since 1983 (yes…. my very first Mac was model 00000001)

  6. Can I ask if this add on is free then why is it requesting credit card information? If I use the company credit card are these details going to be stored at the risk of being charged later when not requested?


  7. looks cool.. here’s a tip. every once in a while when i open the infusion app, i see an offer like this.. sometimes I don’t have time to investigate at that moment…but I don’t know where to go go find them later! Is there a place to go where the ‘plug in’s of the month” are archived. it seems there are a decent number of third party apps but I can’t seem to find them when I have time to look at them


    ben glass

  8. We have a Mac Script that synchs your mail from Mac Mail (or any iMap email account) into your person records on Infusionsoft. I guess it’s time for us to start developing something for templates – seems there is a demand 🙂

  9. I am not a Mac user, and I had other systems like icontact and realeflow for example. This system is so absolutely beyond what these other systems can do, it is absolutely amazing.

    I am so excited about these templates. I have enjoyed the template builder very much, and I look forward to sending even more unique emails to my customers with this new application.

    Thank you for all your hard work! You guys are incredible, and I really do mean that!


  10. Wow, this sounds like a great addition, unfortunately since I use a MAC BOOK PRO and my whole company is on MACS, I guess I will just ignore this great news like I did when Infusionsoft introduced a sync with outlook. What about Entourage??? I would like to sync my contacts also.

    I know it must be difficult to develop for multiple platoforms. But guys, you have to understand that Apple Computers makes a far superior product and you must have hundreds if not thousands of users on mac. Infusionsoft is one of my favorite and most effective tools as a marketing company…. but this news does nothing for me. Bummer too, would have loved to shared this post on my facebook, twitter accounts and let other people know. (But all my friends use macs too.)

    Have you done a survey? How many MAC Users are infusionsoft customers?

    1. Step 1) Go to kijiji or the neighborhood discount computer store.
      Step 2) Spend $100 on an outdated windows machine. Get IE & FFox running.
      Step 3) Use Windows machine for all windows-specific stuff.
      Step 4) Enjoy life as a Mac user for everything else.

      I do this and spend maybe 5% of my time on the Windows machine, but that 5% and $100 turns me from platform-trapped-Mac-guy to super-amazing-web-champion. It’s easily worth the $100.

    2. Dude – you can run Windows on your Mac. Do it every day. I use VMWare Fusion there’s also Parallels. Both are great.

  11. Well, I would agree. People do work in the creative industries and they do use Mac. It’s a bit tiring to be the unloved step child. Same issues here. The plug-ins don’t work on a Mac, so it’s no good for me. And I am NOT buying another computer just to not feel left out.

  12. Dr. Joel Carmichael

    I downloaded the free one and it says it is only for Windows — is that true? Will this run on a Mac? If not, 🙁 .

  13. Dr. Joel Carmichael

    Oops, now that I’ve read all the posts, I see that I am one of many MAC users who would’ve loved the good lookin’ emails. Perhaps a survey would reveal a greater percentage of MAC clients in the InfusionSoft community. Most of us aren’t grumpy — we just want y’all to share the love!

  14. Just adding my .02 as another Mac user. I’d also prefer to see these items that are promoted to us as these great value adds to truly be platform neutral. I do understand 100% that this is just a third party developing something cool for use with InfusionSoft, so you’re not intending it as part of the package. But that’s how it can come across in the copy. If it’s going to be PC only… put a big red burst on the promo graphic saying it’s Windows only… or at least something at the TOP of the “more info” page so we don’t read the entire thing only to get note at the very bottom saying basically… sorry Mac people, not for you. I think that would eliminate some of the frustration the people how have posted below might be having (and mine). Thanks for listening InfusionSoft folks… it’s nice to know that even when something isn’t exactly how a smaller segment of us might want it, at least you care and listen. Much appreciated.

  15. I have tried to utilize this program with InfusionSoft and have not encountered any difficulties within the High Impact Email Builder, but when I try to “Send” or “Save” to InfusionSoft the integrity of the file is corrupted.

    I have inserted the same email twice and each time encountered different errors. The first time the table properties were altered and could not be fixed. The second time, there were pictures omitted.

  16. Hmm… Well I have been considering signing up but I am a mac user and the comments here are a little discouraging in that regard. There is no way I would buy an old PC to use a program and have to jump back and forth between computers….. as one user suggested.

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