State of Keap Address 2020

In 2017 we started doing our own annual unofficial “State of Infusionsoft Address”.  In those addresses, I shared the progress being made in the software, in the add-ons, and updates on the community in general.  I even shared some of the concerns that users had and hopes that things were getting better.

This year I reached out to Clate Mask, CEO of Keap, and asked if he would join me for the “State Of Keap Address”.  He agreed.  I told him I’d like to do it “interview style” and I was going to ask some of the tough questions Infusionsoft & Keap users have been dealing with lately.

He said he was game.

I solicited questions from the community and took those to him during a live-streamed interview on Facebook.

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Below you’ll find the entire Interview.

The good news is:

  • The founders are BACK!!!
  • Weekly releases in the software means more features come faster
  • Focus on quality means we get more features without sacrificing stability
  • Infusionsoft will be merging into the Keap family so Infusionsoft users get all the cool features that Keap has without losing functionality

Here’s the interview:

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