How Much Marketing is Too Much?

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How Much Marketing is Too Much? - Infusionsoft

In the October issue of CRM Magazine, Jessica Tsai wrote an article titled, “How Much Marketing is Too Much?” The article sheds light on better managing your marketing efforts.  Here are the top three things I gleaned from the article and a few tidbits of my own.

Questions every marketer should be constantly asking:

How do you know what’s too much?

  1. “Anything that isn’t working is ‘too much,'” said Joseph Manos, executive VP of MindFireInc.
  2. “The easiest way to know you’re doing too much is often the most painful,” another marketer shared, “such as opt-outs and a drop in customer retention.”

How do I stay in contact with my prospects/customers without turning them off?

  1. Set Expectations — When your customers buy or opt-in to your marketing, tell them upfront what to expect.  Then they’ll be expecting your communications.
  2. Provide Value — Continue to give them valuable information without pitching your product or service.

What are the rules? Make sure you’re up-to-date with all the rules.
Consider these the absolute minimum when it comes to ‘rules’:

  1. CAN-SPAM Act — Abide by e-mail marketing laws aimed to address unsolicited e-mail.
  2. Do Not Call Registry — Make sure you’re not telemarketing to people on the national Do Not Call list.

Share your experience: How do you know you’ve gone too far with your audience? Post your comments below for everyone’s benefit.

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