You Are Not Unique, Creative or Amazing

You Are Not Unique, Creative or Amazing 

Or rather, of course you are unique, creative and amazing, but none of those words are specific enough to communicate the truth about you in a memorable way. You need to let us know IN WHAT WAY you are unique, creative and amazing.Try this simple method to create stronger copy. 

Complete the following sentences: 

  • Our service is so unique because it is so…
  • Our work is so creative because it is so…
  • Our product is so amazing because it is so…

If you find that your adjectives are still a bit vague, keep refining until you’ve hit on the exact word or phrase to describe what differentiates you. (Still stuck? Check out your old grade-school friend, the thesaurus. There are lots of good words in there.)  Taking the trouble to find specific words and phrases that describe the truth about who you are and what you do will magnetize your marketing. The right words will attract the attention of your ideal client (because those adjectives that you’ve selected probably describe them, too, right?) and your message will be memorable. You’ll discover that your memorable branding and marketing really is unique hand-crafted, creative fun-loving and amazing indelible. 

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