Funny, Sad, & Poignant – All At The Same Time

Recently Jill & I decided to start looking into adoption.  She had to have a hysterectomy a couple of years ago and now we’re wondering if our family really is complete.

So, a couple of days ago we started the process by submitting the initial paperwork.  We talked to our kids about it and asked them to pray that we’ll be able to make the right decisions.

Last night, Ashton, our 4 year old, said our family prayer.

During the prayer, he said:

Thank you that we could get a new baby.  Thank you that someone else doesn’t want their baby anymore and they’ll give it to us.

Funny, sad, & poignant – all at the same time.

1 thought on “Funny, Sad, & Poignant – All At The Same Time”

  1. That is funny. Alot of times our kids will include… “Thank you that we can be together as a family with mommy’s tummy that is broken” I love it.

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