How To Create A “Buy One, Gift One” Offer With keap

Creating a “Buy One, Gift One” offer with Keap isn’t possible out of the box.

But, when selling digital products and using basic membership site functionality, you can make this a reality in your business.  You can also use this same process to offer “gift certificates” for digital products.

Here is the process (full video below):

7 Steps To Creating A Buy One, Gift One Offer

  1. You’ll need 3 things: A Keap account with e-commerce functionality (Pro, Max, or Max Classic), a membership site (we use Memberium), a digital product
  2. Create a simple campaign in Keap that promotes a digital product using an order form.
  3. Following the purchase goal, grant access to the membership site and apply two tags: one that gives access to the product you’re selling and one that gives access to a web form where they can gift the product to a friend.
  4. When the customer fills out the form to gift the product, then you remove the tag that gave them access to the form in the first place. That way they can’t keep gifting it to other people.
  5. The web form should trigger an email to the person receiving the gift and gives them a username and password to the membership site.  They also get a tag that designates them as “gift not yet claimed”. 
  6. When the gift receiver logs into the membership site, because of the “gift not yet claimed” tag, they can see a section of content that tells them about the gift and allows them to claim it.
  7. When they click to claim their gift, remove the “gift not yet claimed” tag and apply to other tags: one that gives access to the digital product and one that designates them as having claimed their gift.

That pretty much does it.  If you’re interested, check out our simple and powerful Keap tagging system that keeps everything super organized

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