Frank Kern
The One And Only

Frank Kern

Tyler Garns

I asked Tyler for some help automating my Infusionsoft application.   He helped me create a campaign and I ran it during September while I was out of the country.  The September campaign yielded 146 sales.  The product  I was selling…

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Clate Mask & Marc Chesley – CEO and CTO Infusionsoft

I don’t know if there is anybody that knows their stuff like Tyler knows it…he is an amazing strategist and he really understand how to grow a business. – Clate Mask – The reason Tyler exists is to make entrepreneurs…

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Perry Marshall – The Wizard of Google Adwords

What impresses me is how well Tyler knows marketing.  We call him up every few months and pick his brains on what’s working and what’s not.  He’s been a great guy to work with.

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Greg Head – CMO Infusionsoft

Tyler is not just an Infusionsoft expert, he is a marketing strategy leader to help you tie all the pieces together to really grow your business.

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Drew Bischoff – Live Events Productions, Inc.

I’ve watched Tyler write software programs and Infusionsoft implementations just to solve a problem that one of the members of our group expressed.  He’s the whole package.  He’s a marketer, he’s a power Infusionsoft user, and an expert coder.

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TJ McCue – Q4 Sales

If you are looking at creating some synergy between your business strategy and your marketing strategy,  and they haven’t been connected, Tyler’s the guy to connect them for you.

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Scott Palangi – Palangi Kick Boxing

You made a profound difference for me.  You have empowered me to create what I’ve always wanted to create.  You have empowered me to communicate with passion through all the things that Infusionsoft can do for an entrepreneur.  

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Jack Born

Jack Born – Affiliate Marketing Expert

Over the years I’ve worked with Tyler, I’ve been impressed, over and over again, not just at how well he knows Infusionsoft, but what an amazing marketer he is.  He’s had the opportunity to work with so many different business…

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Tom Bottorf

In July we doubled our revenue compared to July of last year.  Now we’re half way through August and we’ve already doubled July’s revenue.

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