COST: Between $1,997/month and $5,997/month

If you need to outsource your marketing or Infusionsoft management, let the BOM Squad take over, diffuse the fires, and get things under control.

With a marketing & Infusionsoft expert, along with a copywriter and a web developer, the BOM Squad will work with you to achieve monthly objectives that keep your business moving forward. You’ll work with your coach to define quarterly plans and monthly objectives. The BOM Squad will meet those objectives and report back on the progress each month.

With this month-to-month approach, we (The BOM Squad) have to earn our keep each month. If we’re helping you produce results, you’ll continue with us. That’s our goal. It’s a win-win scenario. You just sign up for the number of credits you need and we execute.

What you get:

You’ll be assigned a BOM Squad coach who will meet with you once each month to define your monthly objectives. They’ll be your main point of contact while you work with us.

BOM credits each month to be used however you need to meet your objectives (if you need more work done, you pay for more credits)

Access to expert Infusionsoft, web development, and copywriting resources to execute on the monthly deliverables you define with your coach.

Who this is for:

You need to outsource your Infusionsoft, copywriting, and web development implementation so stuff actually gets done each month
Your business is doing at least
$150k in annual revenue
You have a consistent source of
traffic and/or leads
You have a clear vision of where your
business is going and what you need
to do to get there
You’re 100% committed to your
business and take full responsibility for your

Who this is NOT for:

  • Your business is doing less than $150k in annual revenue
  • You don’t have a consistent source of traffic and/or leads
  • You’re not sure where your business is going
  • You want to outsource the success of your business

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