Have You Increased Sales During the Recession?

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'Recession is just a word'I recently came across a blog post focused on what small businesses are doing to increase sales during the recession.  At Winning Workplaces, they surveyed their registered users and their honorees to find out what tactics these businesses are employing to drive sales.  I was shocked at the responses.

For registered users and honorees, the most common choice was “introduce new products/services.” Although that might be an intial gut reaction when sales start slowing, good marketing practice suggests that a tight focus on core products and services helps propel companies forward.  Those that diversify too much end up getting distracted from their goals.

Another shocker was that the least common choice for honorees was to “spend more on advertising/promotion.” Again, cutting marketing costs might be the first reaction to a downturn.  But, those that thrive during tough times take advantage of the fact that their competition is cutting back.  They actually forge forward and spend more on marketing (only on stuff they know works) in order to eat up market share while others are struggling.

I bring this up because I’m curious about what our blog readers (you) are doing during the recession. What specific actions you’re taking to increase sales during the recession? Please take a moment and share with us how you’re thriving in the recession.


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3 thoughts on “Have You Increased Sales During the Recession?”

  1. Hey Tyler,
    Its amazing what people will do when they are threatened with losing what they once had. I’m an infusionsoft user, and of course will be down in LA this weekend to see Michael Gerber and Rich Schefren, and what I always tell my clients is that they should focus on connecting with the list and leads they already have instead of automatically heading to advertising. Also, focusing on more guerilla tactics like Social Media Marketing is always good as well…

    See you this weekend,

  2. Matt,

    Thanks for the comment. I’ll be presenting at the DYS Tour in LA on Saturday morning. It’ll be a closed door session for Infusionsoft clients only. See you there.

  3. We are expanding digital-online businesses with limited overhead and products and services that we believe we can get to break-even points easily or at low levels by engineering our costs closely. If we can expand our practices during a down economy when others are falling out we will be better positioned when it turns around. Hunkering down is the normal reaction when you have the lion’s share of the business and everyone is taking a piece of it. But if you go back to thinking like a start-up or small business looking for market share with limited capital, your mindset about expansion opportunities changes.

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