One-Click Upsells Using Infusionsoft

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One-click Upsells are one of the most powerful ways to increase profits.  Many customers have seen power-users use this upsell in their shopping carts, but you can do it, too! Unfortunately, it used to require a programmer to write additional code (and it was a royal pain for the programmers).

While we have the gift of having rockstar Web and API developers to help us with one-click upsells via the API, I’ll show how you can implement a one-click upsell with only Infusionsoft and no third-party scripts or services.

I’m happy to announce that setting up one-click upsells is now so easy, even a marketer can do it. 😉

I recorded this quick video tutorial to show how its done.  Sorry, its really rough — it’s just the way I roll. I didn’t script it, didn’t practice it.  It’s raw and uncut – just like your business. Be sure to use the full screen feature so you can see all the details.

One Click Upsells with Infusionsoft from Infusionsoft.

Hope it helps.  I’m sure some questions will arise. Post them in the comments. (Also, if you want to download the full quality, QuickTime .mov file of this video, you can get it here.)

Lastly, this is the basics behind doing one-click upsells. There is a possibility for duplicate orders (which you can prevent in your Order settings if you wish) and possibly opens security vulnerabilities, which can be easily overcome if you have a decent programmer.  Also, it won’t work with PayPal, yet.

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About Tyler Garns

Tyler Garns is best known for his work as the Director and VP of Marketing at Infusionsoft, where he led the marketing efforts that produced massive results between 2007 and 2012. But he’s also been the “go-to” Infusionsoft guy for many of the top marketers and Infusionsoft users out there. His combination of technical skill, Infusionsoft expertise, and marketing experience make him one of the most reliable sources of business breakthroughs for Infusionsoft customers.

16 thoughts on “One-Click Upsells Using Infusionsoft”

  1. Norman…the actions are based on the campaign server and from my experience it is very precise – every hour on the hour.

    Ty, this is a great video. We have been configuring 1 click up-sells for clients who are using the order forms. While setting up an up-sell using the shopping cart the one challenge we've ran into is even after making an API call for the contact ID, what call needs to be made to find out which product was just purchased in the cart to up-sell the appropriate product?

    We have used a PHP script with webforms to change the redirect based on input fields, but this is still different than having a PHP page that can identify the product purchased through the cart and redirect accordingly to the appropriate upsell.


    Thank you,

    Jarrod Morris

    1. Jarrod,

      You can do an API call to look at Invoices and OrderItems. So, query all Invoices related to a particular contactId, sort by date, get the most recent one, and then look at the items. Cool?

  2. If you sell serial numbers will it send the serial number before it actually confirms that the funds are available from the customer or does it send it afterwards (that would be awesome).

  3. If you sell serial numbers will it send the serial number before it actually confirms that the funds are available from the customer or does it send it afterwards (that would be awesome).

  4. I'm I the odd man out??? Did anyone else, miss the fact that he didn't cover a “NO” button??? What if the customer doesn't want the upsell and you want to take them to another page???

    1. Antonio,

      Thanks for commenting. I just watched the whole video from start to finish and near the end at 15:55, Tyler explains where you would input a “No thanks” type of link or an optional downsell from the upsell. Sorry if that wasn't clear earlier.

      Based on your question, what you'd need to do is to optionally place two forms on the page so you can yield the consumer choice in the offers, making certain their <.form> codes don't get mangled together (keep them separate), you could pull it off and have each Form behave similarly but run different Action Sets.

      (Yes, it is possible to do this via Javascript, but as they say in the security world, never trust users to behave with your data, it's just not a good practice to leave commerce items out in the open for manipulation — let the server handle it.) For simplicity, you could also have a separate page handle the downsell/nothanks page with a similar way the first page did the upsell, but with a different offer including not run any orders, but merely Tag a contact.

      I hope this helps clear things up for you, Antonio. Let me or Tyler know if you need more guidance in this. 🙂


  5. thank you for all your help!

    Nice job with the video. You rock!

    Now i have one question about the ” No thank you” option and how to pass the information from one upsell to the next one. ( meaning for one web form to the next? )

    I get how to send the info from the order form to the web form and how to capture it.

    I DO NOT get how to continue the process from one web for to the next.

    Will you care to explain and elaborate. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!

    This is my scenario:

    1. Order form
    2. upsell 1 ( yes ) go to upsell 2
    3 upsell 1 ( no ) go to downsell1

    4. upsell 2 ( yes ) go to thank you
    5. Upsell 2 ( no ) go to downsell 1

    6. Downsell 1 ( yes ) go to thank you
    7. Downsell 2 ( yes ) go to thank you

  6. to expand on my question before bout the ” no thanks” option…

    I know you did cover it and mention it around in minute 15

    What i got after seeing the video 3 times it's that i have to do new webform ( upsell2 ) and also click on the pass the info in the url option check box. ( that will work if the say YES )
    Because they submit the information and therefore the information is passed to the next link.

    But what about the No thanks link or button? that one is not a SUBMIT so it does not post the info to the next link and it does not send the info!

    so how do i pass the info with a ” no thanks ” link or button if i want to make a downsell?

    Thank you again i'm doing my best to understand i'm a begginer.

    1. hey i ask another programmer and here is the answer for those of you that where also lost about the NO THANK YOU BUTTON:

      here is the code:

      <a href=”http://www.your domain goes<?=$_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']?>” target=”_self”>No Thank You

      That code will send the same information the first upsell got from the order to the downsell webform.

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