TBOLITNFL, Infusionsoft, & Commitment

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TBOLITNFL, Infusionsoft & CommitmentTonight, a bunch of us from Infusionsoft are going to be screaming our heads off at the Cardinals vs. 49ers game, but we’ll be cheering for more than just the Cardinals. No, we won’t be cheering for the 49ers — we’ll be cheering for a cause that’s bigger than football, bigger than the Cardinals, and bigger than Infusionsoft.

TBOLITNFL stands for “The Best Offensive Lineman In The NFL.” Cardinals #76 Deuce Lutui’s personal internal commitment and has become a rallying cry for all those wanting to live the best life they can and are willing to commit themselves to being the best. If you haven’t read Deuce’s story yet, check it out — you’ll be inspired.

Last week, Deuce visited our offices and shared his story with our team. You can see in the photo below, we’re united in supporting Deuce Lutui and his personal commitments.

TBOLITNFL at Infusionsoft

The world is a better place when each of us takes the time to figure out who we really are and commit ourselves to living the best life possible. Deuce has inspired that idea here at Infusionsoft and we’re quickly making TBOLITNFL and personal internal commitment part of our company culture.

Tonight, we’re going to the game to promote Deuce and help him get to the Pro Bowl and to promulgate the idea of TBOLITNFL and personal internal commitment.Here we are getting ready to promote TBOLITNFL tonight!

<br /> Here we are getting ready to promote TBOLITNFL tonight!

Join us in voting for Deuce for the Pro Bowl and share your own personal commitment story at Deuce’s site, tbolitnfl.com/

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2 thoughts on “TBOLITNFL, Infusionsoft, & Commitment”

  1. I played football with Deuce at Mesa High. I’ll never forget the day Coach McCain lined me up against Deuce for hitting drills. You can probably guess that as the kicker, I didn’t exactly have a lot of meat on my bones. The whistle blew, the giant drew and the kicker flew. He literally hit me so hard I did a full backwards somersault and ended up on my feet again. The entire team, coaches included, were in stitches. I had to laugh to. It was pretty hilarious. Wish I could have seen it myself 😉

    In all seriousness though, Deuce is a man among men. His character impeccable and his story incredible. I will be voting for him on the Pro Bowl ballot and rooting for him tonight. I’d love to see the Cardinals perform the Haka tonight in support of Deuce…

    Ka mate, ka mate! ka ora! ka ora!

    Ka mate! ka mate! ka ora! ka ora!

    T?nei te tangata p?huruhuru

    N?na nei i tiki mai whakawhiti te r?

    ?, upane! ka upane!

    ?, upane, ka upane, whiti te ra!

    Good times Deuce! Best of luck to you my friend!

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