Exclusive Webinar: Charting A New Course in Email Marketing 2.0

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I’m super excited to announce that tomorrow I’ll be doing a webinar with Anita Campbell from Small Business Trends. During this webinar, we’ll teach the concepts of Email Marketing 2.0 and show how to send your first Email Marketing 2.0 broadcast using Infusionsoft. This will be a great opportunity for people interested in Infusionsoft to see the ins and outs of the system. Anita is a brand new Infusionsoft user and we’ll be teaching these concepts as she imports her data and sends her first broadcast.

Here are a few of the topics we’ll cover:

  • The critical difference between traditional email marketing and Email Marketing 2.0
  • The 3 techniques that actually make a difference in your email marketing ROI
  • Simple ways to build more profitable relationships with your contacts
  • A proven method for doubling your sales

If you’re interested stepping up your email marketing, this webinar is a must. Next week, Anita and I will take it a step further and launch her New Lead Campaign. And the week after that, we’ll put in place her Long Term Nurture Campaign. If you want to see the top-to-bottom process of building an effective email marketing campaign, register for this webinar.

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