The Secret to Increasing Business Life Expectancy

China has inadvertently been killing some of its population for years.

In 1950 the government implemented a policy to offer free coal to cities in the north.  These poor cities needed the coal to keep warm during the cold winters.  The policy was ended in 1980, but now, years later, the life expectancy of the residents of those cities is 5.5 years less than in other areas, according to the BBC.

Your business may be facing a similarly shortened lifespan because of the decisions you make.

One particularly deadly decision is the decision not to track “root cause” (a.k.a. lead sources).  Let’s go back to China.  Can the research definitively prove that the pollution from the coal is the only factor in the shortened life spans?  What about genetic factors?  Other environmental factors?  There are an infinite number of things that could be contributing to the early deaths of northern Chinese.

Understanding the root cause is the key.  In this case, it may be impossible to know for sure.

But, in your business, you can track the source of every lead.  If you do so, and you track the expenses and revenue of each of those sources, you can know without error which of your efforts are costing you money and which are making you money.

Lead source tracking is essential to understanding what to do next.

Make the decision today to give your business the longest life possible by tracking lead sources.  For more information on lead source tracking, go here.

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