Announcing: Infusionsoft Customer Referral Program

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I’m excited to announce that today we’re officially launching the new Infusionsoft Customer Referral Program. The program is simple: any current Infusionsoft customer will receive 1 month of Infusionsoft free (up to a $299 credit) for any new customer they refer. This is a great way for you to refer friends who you know would benefit from Infusionsoft and you get free service from us in return.

It’s easy to get started. Go to and enter your contact information, along with your Infusionsoft app name (e.g., and your friend’s contact information. That’s it!

You already talk about Infusionsoft — now you can get rewarded for it!

If your friend becomes an Infusionsoft customer within 12 months, you’ll get one month of your Infusionsoft subscription credited on your account up to $299. If you have a Basic or Standard account and are paying $199/month, you’ll get a credit of $199. If you have a Deluxe or Plus account and are paying $299/month, you’ll get a credit of $299. The credit will not go towards extra users, overage charges or any other fees outside of your standard subscription. If your Infusionsoft subscription payment is more than $299/month, you’ll still receive a $299 credit.

Many of our customers will be able to use Infusionsoft free for life because they know the benefits from Infusionsoft and know business owners who could benefit from powerful marketing automation software. Simply refer a new customer once a month and you’ll be set.

Be sure to read the Terms & Conditions on the Infusionsoft Customer Referral Program page. We have a few guidelines that ensures this program is fair to everyone.

We look forward to working with you and your friends. The bigger the Infusionsoft community gets, the more networking, collaboration and masterminding happens. Head over to now to refer your friends.

Infusionsoft partners who are bound by an existing partner agreement will not be eligible to participate in the Infusionsoft Customer Referral Program.

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About Tyler Garns

Tyler Garns is best known for his work as the Director and VP of Marketing at Infusionsoft, where he led the marketing efforts that produced massive results between 2007 and 2012. But he’s also been the “go-to” Infusionsoft guy for many of the top marketers and Infusionsoft users out there. His combination of technical skill, Infusionsoft expertise, and marketing experience make him one of the most reliable sources of business breakthroughs for Infusionsoft customers.

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