Infusionsoft Changes Name To Keap – Q&A

Today Infusionsoft announced that they’ve changed the company name to Keap and the new product is Keap also.  Infusionsoft the product is now Infusionsoft by Keap.  So, what does all this mean?

Here’s a quick video Q&A:

Why did Infusionsoft make the change to Keap?

Infusionsoft has a mission that is much bigger than what the original Infusionsoft product can achieve.  Keap and the new Keap product are much more reflective of the simple and powerful ways in which they are going to be achieving the mission of simplifying small business growth worldwide.

I use Infusionsoft, should I switch to Keap?

Most likely not.  If you signed up for Infusionsoft for the powerful marketing automation, workflow automation, and funnel-building experience, it’s probably best for you to stick with Infusionsoft?  If you’re not a very astute marketer, and your technical skill is lacking, and you don’t necessarily want all the power Infusionsoft has to offer, a switch to Keap may help you get organized and automate basic follow up with a little less work.

I signed up for “New” Infusionsoft, which is now Keap, should I switch to Infusionsoft?

Again, Infusionsoft is a great product for those who are seeking the powerful automation and segmentation abilities that Infusionsoft has.  If that’s not what you’re looking for, or if you’re not willing the dedicate the time it takes to master those strategies, then sticking with Keap is your best option.

Who is Keap for?

Keap is for ConstantContact or MailChimp graduates.  People who have been using simple email and CRM tools and are looking to get more organized and get some help with standard tasks like setting appointments, sending invoices, and tracking sales opportunities.

Who is Infusionsoft for?

Infusionsoft is for companies who are looking to build and deploy sophisticated marketing automation funnels and companies who are looking to fully automate their internal workflow.  It’s typically best for teams whose marketing and technical acumen are high and who are willing to dedicate the time to plan the strategies, build the campaigns, and manage the optimization process.

What does this all mean?

In my opinion, this is a sign that Infusionsoft now has a clear strategy to addressing a much bigger small business market.  This is great news for existing customers, existing partners, and everyone involved in the ecosystem.  I suspect Keap as a two product company will enter a phase of very rapid growth and success over the next few years.  That growth will fuel further development and enhancements on both products.  I’m feeling very optimistic about this change and about the future for Keap.


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4 thoughts on “Infusionsoft Changes Name To Keap – Q&A”

  1. Thanks, guys!
    This was helpful and I must say I think it’s a smart move by Infusionsoft.
    I have clients who need to be able to manage and action items on there own and to be able to with confidently and with greater ease.
    From what I have seen so far, KEAP has come at the right time.

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  3. The calendar function in IS sucks to say it nicely. Has this improved at all in IS so that the calendar function can be used like all CRM software and can also sync with Google and the MAC calendar?

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