How To Split Test Emails and Campaign Sequences With Infusionsoft

A few years ago I started offering 12 Infusionsoft tips during Christmas time under the title “12 Hacks Of Christmas For Infusionsoft”.  I’ve kept that going for a few years now.

One of the most viewed hacks has been “How To Split Test In Infusionsoft”.

So, below is the video, showing you exactly how to do that as well as a step-by-step guide below the video:

To run a split test in Infusionsoft, take the following steps:

  1. First, determine if you are using the Owner feature in Infusionsoft.  If you are assigning contacts to Users in Infusionsoft, you’ll need to take an extra step to achieve perfectly random split testing.The only built-in function in Infusionsoft that can perfectly randomize your list is the “Round Robin” function.  The Round Robin function will randomly assign Contacts to any list of Users/Owners you choose.

    By using this feature, you can send take a list of X number of people and have them assigned so that 33% are assigned to “Tyler”, 33% are assigned to “John”, and 33% are assigned to “Tammy”.

    Then, using a Decision Diamond in the Campaign Builder, you can sort those Contacts based on their Owners into different sequences.  Those different sequences can contain different versions of emails (or any other marketing pieces) and then you can test which sequence works best.

    But, if you’re already using the Owner feature, this will overwrite who the Owner is and mess up your current processes.  So, first, contacts need to be tagged for their current owner.

  2. If you’re not using the Owner feature in Infusionsoft, then you can skip Step 1 entirely and move right into the next step.In this step, you first need to set up a Round Robin.  Go to CRM -> Settings -> Round Robins.  There, create a new Round Robin (go ahead and call it Split Testing).

    Save that Round Robin and return to your campaign.

    In your campaign, either as the first step, or as the second step (if you’re using the Owner field), then add a sequence that assigns the Contacts and owner using the Round Robin.

  3. Next, you’ll connect three sequences (or two, or however many you want to test).  These sequences will contain the content you want to split test again each other.  As you connect those sequences, a Decision Diamond will appear.  You’ll double click that Decision Diamond and set up the rules to route Contacts based on their new owner (assigned for the split test).  Make sure you Contacts for which group they ended up in so you can measure results.
  4. Next, if you’re using the Owner field, you’ll need to restore the original owners.  Since we tagged them for their original owner at the beginning, we can do this by running another Decision Diamond based on that tag and putting them into a sequence that reassigns the Owner back to that person.
  5. Lastly, have a goal at the end (a web form, a purchase, a tag, etc) and then set up saved searched to measure the amount of people in each group who ended up achieving the goal.

For more detail, watch the video above.  Also, in the video above the process is slightly different because it shows how to reassign the owner back to the original owner before running the test.  The ensures the the original owner is not lost during the time-period of the test.

If you’re struggling to get the most out of your Infusionsoft account, contact us here so we can help.  We’ve helped hundreds of businesses harness the amazing power of Infusionsoft to grow in healthy ways.

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3 thoughts on “How To Split Test Emails and Campaign Sequences With Infusionsoft”

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  2. Is there a reason we can’t just tag them AND run our test directly in the same split sequences after the round robin sequence?

    ex. Round Robin -> Run Test A (tagged A) –> Clicked Test A –> Online Purchase

    Basically Start Round Robin, Split off and tag, check for click, combine back together for purchase.

    1. Matthew, the only reason would be if you need to keep the owner of the contact record. If you’re not using the Owner field at all, you can certainly simplify the process here.

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