How To Force a Promo Code on an Infusionsoft Order Form

You can easily pass a promocode in a product bundle link to your Infusionsoft shopping cart.

But, unfortunately you can’t do that with your order forms.

There are times you want to show that you’re discounting a product for a promotion but you don’t want your customers to have to enter the promocode themselves.

Here’s a simple little hack to get the job done:

  • Go into your order form setup.
  • Click on the HTML Areas tab.
  • In the top text area, paste the code below.
  • Be sure to replace “PROMOCODE” with your actual promo code.
  • Save.

Here’s the code:

jQuery(document).ready(function() {

That’s it.  Just works.

If you’re curious about what it does:

The script prefills the promocode field with your promocode and then actually simulates the user clicking the button to apply the promocode.

Enjoy and share!

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