11 Things You Should Know About The Infusionsoft Campaign Builder

The new Infusionsoft campaign builder is different.  It makes you think about your campaigns in new ways.  For existing Infusionsoft users, it may seem a bit counter-intuitive in some areas.  I’ve played with this things for many hours, working on it with many different clients, building drastically different types of campaigns.  And the more I play with it the more I see it’s genius.  It really is revolutionary.  I think you’ll love it too once you get the hang of it.

In the meantime, here are 11 things you should know about the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder.  Hopefully these tidbits of info will help you become more familiar with it faster.

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  • In the decision node, you can only route people based on custom fields that are of the dropdown type.  You cannot use any other custom field type.
  • When a goal is completed, it stops ALL sequences leading to that goal (even if they’re not connected directly).  If  Sequence A is connected to Goal A and Goal A leads to Sequence B and Sequence B leads to Goal B and Goal B is completed, BOTH Sequence A and Sequence B will be stopped.  Anything that Goal B leads to will be started at the same time.
  • Goal methods are currently global.  If you use the Tag Applied goal method, the tag does not need to be applied within the current campaign.  The goal is a “global listener”.  It will be triggered if a person receives that tag, no matter how the tag is applied.
  • When a goal leads to two or more sequences, it will always create a decision node.  If you don’t configure the decision node, the contact will end up in all sequences.
  • If a contact has entered a sequence in a campaign, they cannot be entered into that sequence again.  Even if the preceding goal is achieved again.  These prevents infinite loops.
  • When you connect a “Traffic Source” to a goal such as a web form, it does NOT set the lead source in the form.
  • You cannot branch a flow within a sequence.  You can only branch (which decision nodes) at the campaign level.
  • A goal cannot be connected to another goal.  This is a good thing.  Even if you don’t want to run a sequence of communications between two goals, put a sequence in the middle to tag the contact for achieving the first goal. That way you can track progress through the process.
  • When the little squares at the ends of the connectors are blue, you can disconnect the items and reconnect them elsewhere without causing trouble.  If the little squares are red, you cannot disconnect them without causing problems.  This typically happens with decision nodes.  If you disconnect a goal that leads to a decision node (maybe you want to put a sequence in between), it will destroy the decision node and you’ll have to build it again (which might be a royal pain).
  • To move the entire canvas, right-click and drag (on a PC) or Control-click and drag (on a Mac).
  • To move more than one item on the canvas, click and drag to select all the items you want to move.  Once they’re selected, you can click and drag them to their new location.


If you’re not already on my list, head to the home page and fill out the form.  I have some videos in the members area that will show you a bunch of tips & tricks with the campaign builder.  Primarily my “Jailbreak” video which will show you how to unlock the power of the campaign builder by connecting it to the Legacy features so you can do all the things you’re used to doing.

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