The Slow Killers Of Business

Here Are The Things That Are Slowly Eroding Your Business From The Foundation

  • Not capturing leads more consistently when people visit your website or call your office
  • Not following up with leads and prospects effectively
  • Extending offers that aren’t compelling, so people don’t buy
  • Getting overwhelmed with client/customer fulfillment because it’s not automated
  • Failing to follow up with customers to offer your other products or services
  • Not asking for referrals from every customer
  • And the list goes on and on

Let’s Finally Protect Your Business From These Slow Killers And Grow Again

Here’s How You Can Get Affordable, Flat-Rate Help, With No Surprises Or Additional Fees

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Who It’s For

    • You love the idea of Infusionsoft
    • You know which campaigns your business needs
    • You just don’t have the time to build them
    • You or someone on your team can write the copy for your campaigns
    • You want to move FAST

How It Works

  • You login to the membership site
  • You follow our wizard to help define the details of the campaign you need
  • You submit your campaign request
  • Within 2-3 business days for most campaigns (or 3-5 business days for more extensive campaigns) our team will send you an email letting you know your campaign is ready for review
  • Once you review your campaign you can either submit revision requests or let us know the campaign is complete
  • Once your campaign is completed, you can submit another request
  • Submit as many requests as you’d like each month

What's Included

  • Rebuilding Old Campaigns (to clean them up)

  • Building Landing Pages & Order Forms

  • Lead Capture Campaigns

  • Indoctrination Campaigns

  • Conversion Campaigns

  • Webinar Campaigns

  • Offer Campaigns

  • Long-Term Nurture Campaigns

  • Basic Fulfillment Campaigns

  • Upsell Campaigns

  • Cart-Abandonment Campaigns

  • Referral Campaigns

  • Online Review Campaigns

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey Campaigns

  • Dashboard Reports

  • 3rd Party Tool Integrations

  • Data Import & Cleanup (Include Step-By-Step Instructions)

  • Basic Membership Site Work

  • Basic Administrative Work

What's NOT Included

  • Custom or Complex Membership Site Work

  • WooCommerce Work

  • Website Theme Updates

  • WordPress Plugin Updates

  • Hosting Management

  • Web Server Maintenance

  • Web Server Administration

  • Campaign Cleanup (Submit A Request For A New Campaign Instead)

  • Tag Cleanup (Submit A Request For A New Campaign, We’ll Create New Tags, Old Ones Can Be Deleted)

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RESULTS, Recognized!

Infusionsoft Highest Customer Retention 2016

Infusionsoft Partner Of The Year 2017 (Domestic)

OUR Mission Is YOU!

Clients Served
Campaigns Built
Online Training Courses
Combined Years Of Experience

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