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  1. Hi – I’ve got an outline done for an information or subscriber product done. Its called preventing, having and recovering from a heart attack – yeah personally having had one, then a CABG op / bi pass then another heart attack 6 months later. So it’s very user and own experience based with the lessons I’ve come to learn the literal hard way – so others hopefully don’t have to do the same.
    While its pitched primarily at 60-70 year old men who suffer this in droves comparatively, gender is no bar.
    The underlying script is that mainstream heart health and treatment doesn’t work effectively to treat busted hearts. And that we collectively need some much better models to both prevent and recover from all of this
    So I’ve got the outline, I need to generate the various types of content to go with this, then figure out how to capture and convert leads to buy either information products or subscriptions.
    I’m on a mission (again!!) but need some help

  2. Hi Cam & Tyler,

    Your materials are amazing! Congratulations on the great work you are doing.
    I will give you a call later today.

    Best Regards,
    PS… Go get barreled!

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