Save Thousands By Reducing Your Merchant Account Fees!

We used to pay thousands every month in merchant processing fees.  3%+ is pretty much the industry average.  And maybe that made sense back in the day when things were more manual.  But most merchant accounts, PayPal, and others are still charging 3% or more.

But now, the process is much more automated and computerized.  If you’re paying anywhere from 3% or more, you’re getting ripped off.

We now pay much less than 3%!

We ended up partnering up with our merchant provider to offer this same rate to our audience.

If you’re interested in reducing your merchant processing fees, just fill out the form on this page.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, it all happens through a standard account which integrates really nicely with Infusionsoft.  We haven’t had any downtime or issues since we switched.

Also, you’ll get a dedicated account rep who you can call and talk to if you have issues.  Once practice I’ve always followed is alerting our account rep anytime we expect large volume or high dollar transactions.  Why?  The account rep can help and make sure funds don’t get held.  That may happen whenever they see transactions that look out of the ordinary.  In 5+ years in business, I’ve never had funds held up because I’ve maintained a relationship with our account rep.

Enjoy the discounted rates!


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