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I posted a few days ago about Infusionsoft’s new Campaign Builder Reporting, and that it was coming soon.   It’s now here!

Infusionsoft has just released new reporting in the Campaign Builder that provides much more flexibility, more data, and more ability to analyze the data in meaningful ways.

Here’s a video to explain what’s going on.

The most significant thing is that we now have the ability to see campaign performance data for any date range.

How Maximize Benefit From The New Campaign Builder Reporting

Marketing is always a “test and tweak” exercise.  Being able to try something new, run it for a while, and then compare the results to the past, is one of the most fundamental ways we grow businesses.

Being able to do that with Infusionsoft campaigns in the past has required a little foresight, some extra planning, and, in some cases, some additional tagging.

But now, as long as you keep track of when you make changes and what those changes are, you can pull the performance data for date ranges between changes to see how those changes effect performance.

It’s beautiful.


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