More Email Performance Reporting In Infusionsoft

This week Infusionsoft added more to the new Campaign Builder reporting that was launched a couple of weeks ago.

Now, when you go into reporting view in a campaign, you have the option to see the “Sequence & Email Report” from the main campaign screen.

When you click on this button, a new screen opens up with full performance data on each email in the entire campaign.

You no long have to open up each sequence separately to determine the open rate and click rate of the emails.

You can also sort these columns by clicking on the arrow at the top of each column.

You’ll see the open rate, click rate, click-to-open rate, opt outs, and complaints.

This report gives you a great at-a-glance view of your email campaign performance without the hassle of navigating into each sequence.

Stay tuned.  The Infusionsoft team is rocking.  And more is coming.


Infusionsoft email performance report
  • Jared Moore

    Strange, my view doesn’t have that button. Do you know if they are rolling it out slowly?

    • Jared Moore

      I spoke with Infusionsoft support and it sounds like they are rolling it out in batches. Not everyone will have this just yet, but will be rolling it out over time.

      • Tyler Garns

        Yep, they’ll be rolling it out over time, as they do with most releases.