A Lesson In Humility

This week I was fortunate enough to attend Clickbank’s first user conference, Clickbank Exchange.  They put on a top notch show and attracted a great crowd.  Some of the best marketing minds in the world were there.  At the end of day one, Gary Vaynerchuck gave the keynote speech.  As always, he was a great, but a bit more foul that I’d prefer.  But, from the back of the room, I noticed something that to me was humbling.

Right as Gary was finishing his talk, I noticed Joe Sugarman (one of the greatest marketers/salesmen of all time) get up and leave.  I was particularly interested because it had actually shocked me to see him sit through all of the sessions, intently listening.  Often times, experts consider themselves too great to listen to all the sessions in a conference like that.  Not Joe.  I admired how he was still learning.

Any way, I followed Joe out of the room to see where he was heading (No, I’m not a stalker).  Joe was not leaving the conference.  Joe was actually heading out so that he could be the first person in line to talk with Gary as he came out to do book signings.  The line was LONG.  Joe was first.

What humility!  What a show of great respect!  Not many people with that kind of expertise and experience in a particular field would do that.

I learned a lot this week at Clickbank Exchange.  But the most valuable lesson I learned was to always be learning – no matter how good you get, no matter how successful you are.  Be humble.  There are always people who know more about something than you do.  Thank you Joe.

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Tyler Garns is best known for his work as the Director and VP of Marketing at Infusionsoft, where he led the marketing efforts that produced massive results between 2007 and 2012. But he’s also been the “go-to” Infusionsoft guy for many of the top marketers and Infusionsoft users out there. His combination of technical skill, Infusionsoft expertise, and marketing experience make him one of the most reliable sources of business breakthroughs for Infusionsoft customers.

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